Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 201

The visit with our friends wasn’t nearly as unruly as I expected. For the most part I told the older kids that they could stay out until 11, but they had to be brushed and in bed immediately at that point, and they were.

Last night I gave a little tutorial on cookie baking that turned into a cookie eating party that lasted until one in the morning! As tired as I was, it was a really nice visit; the adults chatted, the teens socialized (and there were cookies!!!), and since our friends were headed out this morning it didn’t feel like such a bad use of time.

They invited us to meet up with them in D.C. and NYC, which sounds so incredibly appealing! We are on a trajectory to land us in Maine within the next few weeks so it seems unlikely, but with our lifestyle things change so fast it’s impossible to know what is around the corner.

We are staying in the middle of Nowhere, SC. The other day we drove across the border into GA for groceries. I remarked that it was the largest grocery store I had ever seen in my life. The cashier asked where I was from, and then told me that she had never heard of Maine. Ever. I explained that it was in the north east. Blank stare. On the border of Canada. Blank stare. Part of New England. Oh yes, she had heard of New England! I remember that a friend had been on a cruise and met several people who thought that Maine was in Canada. Americans who had no idea that Maine was a state in their own country. This is just unbelievable to me.

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting now as I’m trying to get out the door to go visit a mall I hear is within 30 minutes. Gotta get me some culture! Haha

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