Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have just arrived in South Carolina! Finally! We were not sure that Florida was going to let us go. Back in November we arrived in Florida expecting to spend a month, and six months later we were still there.

Today was a really long day. I was ready to stop and sleep any place I could find a place to park, but Gary really wanted to push on, so push on we did, and now of course I’m glad for his sage advice because in the morning there will be no driving! Hooray!

There is so much that I need to write about, but I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I won’t even try to get caught up, but instead I will make a conscious effort to be in the present.

This week as we were attempting to leave Tampa to head towards Orlando we received a text from some friends asking us to meet them there. They were available to be there the exact days that we were! It was a kick in the butt to get out of Tampa, and it was such a wonderful time of peaceful reconnection between the two families before we all head off in different directions.

I know that I overuse the word, but everything is just so amazing. I’m in awe so often by just how ordered the chaos is. I love watching how everything unfolds, how even simple things are so important, and the way things work out better than I could have even hoped for. It’s just amazing!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Still here at Lazy Days. This weekend it feels like time is moving very slowly as we are just in a waiting period.

Tomorrow we will make a run to the grocery to make sure that Gary and the kids are well stocked in preparation for my leaving on Tuesday. I’m excited that I’m going to get to visit with three girlfriends on my trek to bring back our van.

I’ve been thinking recently about people and how I fit in; how we fit in. We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with a real live “dirty hippie” the other night. He spoke about our fellow RV park residents, referring to them as “capitalist pigs”. It was kind of an aha moment for me. Up until that point, I have felt like we pretty much fit in wherever we are. Sure, we haven’t found anyone just like us, but everyone seems to have something that we can relate to, including this dirty hippie. When he made the disparaging remark it really occurred to me how different we are from everyone. We aren’t dirty hippies, we aren’t capitalist pigs, and yet, everywhere we go we do find some way to connect. That is what is different on the road, and that is what makes it so nice. When there is something that we don’t agree upon, it’s okay to just focus on the things we do agree on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another neat thing that happened was the solution that materialized after we ran into a snafu when Robbin went to get the new tires. The place we had planned on wouldn’t take my credit card over the phone, so we then planned to have Robbin pay for it herself and we would reimburse her. Then they didn’t have the tires in stock. We called around to every place we could think of and they either didn’t have the tires or couldn’t fit her in until next week. While I was on the phone with the gentleman from the Uhaul shop were we were arranging a tow dolly rental, I again took a deep breath and asked the Universe to guide me to figure this out. Jim and Robbin were on a tight schedule and if everything didn’t go exactly as planned they wouldn’t be able to take the van. So here I am on the phone and I feel a nudging that this man can help. I had a mental battle with myself about asking him for help, but I finally found a way to fit it into the conversation and I asked if he had any suggestions for us. He named a place that I didn’t even know existed. I gave them a call and not only could they fit her in immediately, their price beat everyone else by a significant amount!

The plan is for me to fly to North Carolina with the baby (who is quickly becoming a toddler!) and drive the van the rest of the way to Florida. Then we will transfer all our crap and move in to our new home!

The dealership where we purchased has been just wonderful to us. I’m so happy that we were able to do business with LazyDays; they are just amazing!

Before I forget, another neat thing recently is that we were sidetracked from our travel plans by this trailer purchase. We came here hoping to find a larger motor home, and we were just about ready to leave when we fell for the trailer. Had we not purchased the trailer, we would have been in the path of some pretty nasty weather

Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. I don’t even know where to begin!

For starters we traded in our beloved Class C motor home for a travel trailer. My pride is taking a hit at giving up the motor home, but we are so excited to have something brand new, space for everyone to sleep comfortably, and a vehicle to get to the grocery store!

We have been fairly stressed out lately trying to get everything together for the purchase; I swear, it’s easier to close on a house than it is to buy a travel trailer! Anyhow, I’ve been consciously letting go and asking the Universe to guide me and the results have been astonishing. The way things have been working out have been greater that we could have planned for, even if we tried. For starters, we needed to get the van from Maine to Florida. We could send someone from here to get it, but it needed to be road worthy first. Our good friends Jim and Robbin were in the very city where the van was located, and Robbin had some free time, so she was able to pick it up, register it, get it stickered and have new tires installed. They then offered to transport it to North Carolina for us. What a stroke of divine luck that they happened to be there this week?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today we checked into LazyDays Rally Park Campground, another one of our favorite places. Our camping neighbor came over today and told us, “We have something WAY BETTER than television; Your family!” At least he had the guts to admit it to our faces! Most people just ogle us from afar!

This park has always been great. As I’ve mentioned before, they serve us breakfast and lunch and have drinks available for free all day long. The hot tub is always open so we can go after the kids are in bed, and the proximity to the pool is such that you can soak and watch the kids swim at the same time. We didn’t think they could improve upon things here, but they did! Since we were here last they put in a motor home themed restaurant! Gary and I were able to go over for a drink tonight with a walkie-talkie in hand. We plan to take the kids there tomorrow night for dinner.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We packed everything up, did a final load of laundry, then made our way around saying goodbye to our friends. It was really, really hard.

(Janet and Bill)

The campground has felt like home from the moment we first arrived, and even thought it’s bare and the atmosphere is less than desirable (weekenders are NOT the same as snowbirds!) it wasn’t easy to leave.

We are now back in the Tampa area, boon docking at a walmart for the evening. We decided to stay put because we went into the store to look at phone contracts and I was too lazy to move anywhere else for the night. We are right across from a Whole Foods Market so I was able to pick up some unique groceries that I haven’t been able to get in awhile.

(view from my bedroom)

I mentioned how much better I like Easter Ziplock Baggies (no mess, no wondering who the stray candy belongs to!) and the children told me that they love Easter Ziplock Baggies because they get so much more candy inside. Joshua asked me if I had a good coupon, because his good friend Bubbles mentioned that he had the exact same candy at his house! Bubbles’ mom is a friend of mine and fellow couponer, and the kids have often mentioned that no matter which house they eat at it’s the exact same food!

Aside from the obscene amount of chocolate still in our teeny tiny house, all is good in my world!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter. Today the bunny brought Easter Ziplock Baggies instead of Easter Baskets.

I was concerned about having a candy hunt inside the motor home, worried that there wouldn’t be any place for hiding eggs. I had a hard enough time finding places to put them all when we lived in a huge house. My fears were unfounded though, because motor homes offer a myriad of places to hide small objects. One piece of chocolate went undetected almost the entire day! That never happened to us in our house!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We just returned from another amazing experience! Our friends invited us to join them for dinner as they had quite a feast planned. We gorged ourselves on crawfish and oysters, (two foods that we had never experienced before and boy were they delicious!), garlic shrimp, blackened tilapia, Spanish rice, corn on the cob, spinach salad, and a whole table full of appetizers. Yum!

Invitations to dinner are hard to come by when you have six children, so we were especially grateful to have been invited. The food was just delicious; so many different flavors and textures!

It was of course bitter sweet because we are having to say goodbye again. It’s hard on everyone, and this time we know that it’ll be awhile before we see them. We hope to be back in the fall, but we have no idea where we’ll be pulled to. Sometimes the place that we feel we should be changes drastically from one day to the next, and we can’t predict what opportunities with arise for us. Usually they are far greater than anything that we could plan ourselves.

Monday, June 20, 2011


We were able to make it to the dock last night, but the fireworks were disappointing. It’s true that you could see them, but only through trees. I’m glad that we weren’t the only people there because I was terrified that at any moment a gator was going to come thrashing out of the water and eat me. I’m lucky to be alive!

Today is truly our last day here. I’m feeling somber at the thought of leaving. I’m not sure why; there is always something amazing around the corner, and I KNOW that, but it doesn’t make the transition easier. When we leave here we know that we are not coming back until at least fall, if ever, so it’s not just saying “see you soon” but rather closing a chapter in our lives.

Today I will rejoice in what I have. I am going to take the kids on our final three mile hike around the preserve and marvel at how empty it is compared to this winter when there were times we couldn’t even get a site! Then we will hunt for Easter eggs that the staff are hiding and enjoy the last hours at our beloved Thousand Trails Orlando Preserve!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another wonderful day in HOT and sunny Florida. We are starting to feel the pull; it’s time to leave. There are few of us “full timers” and “snow birds” left in the park, instead “weekenders” are starting to trickle in. The atmosphere is different. People don’t seem as friendly and open to socializing now.

We stopped by to visit with some full time neighbors so we could return some magazines they had loaned us. We were in a rush to get them back lest we loose them or ruin them (Molly colored inside a hard cover book just today!) They took back the loaner magazines and handed us another bag full!

Today was spent just relaxing (if you can relax with a 3 year old and 14 month old underfoot!) and soaking in the sunshine. Dinner was simple cold sandwiches followed by a dip in the pool. Could life get any sweeter? I just wish that one of these nights I would remember to head down to the dock at the lake as I have heard it is a fabulous place to view the Disney fireworks!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot. Hot. Hot. Not even May yet and we are melting. I guess that explains why the campground is so empty. I’m still loving it though. I go for my walk and it feels like my face is melting right off my head, and strangely enough, I’m still appreciative.

I met a really nice woman today who gave me water and offered me a seat while we chatted. Interesting conversation about religion, the details of which I would rather not share, but the result is that I feel like we are earnestly discussing what we will be having for lunch next week in Aruba when we haven’t even discussed taking a trip together. Bad example?

I feel pretty strongly in my belief, as do most people I suppose. The difference is that I feel it’s important to respect what other people believe, that’s why I’m often reluctant to discuss religion because I feel like if I am honest, I will poke holes in the belief of another. However, I often feel as though the other party might not rest until I agree to agree to whatever they are selling.

I often feel as thought my choices are limited to admitting that the other party is right and I am wrong, or introducing ideas that might cause them to question their own faith. Neither option sits well with me, so I try to avoid the topic as much as possible.

I guess what I wish is for it to be less important for everyone to agree. Agreeing is nice, but so is diversity. We can all be different with our own thoughts and ideas and unique human expressions and it’s all okay.