Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We packed everything up, did a final load of laundry, then made our way around saying goodbye to our friends. It was really, really hard.

(Janet and Bill)

The campground has felt like home from the moment we first arrived, and even thought it’s bare and the atmosphere is less than desirable (weekenders are NOT the same as snowbirds!) it wasn’t easy to leave.

We are now back in the Tampa area, boon docking at a walmart for the evening. We decided to stay put because we went into the store to look at phone contracts and I was too lazy to move anywhere else for the night. We are right across from a Whole Foods Market so I was able to pick up some unique groceries that I haven’t been able to get in awhile.

(view from my bedroom)

I mentioned how much better I like Easter Ziplock Baggies (no mess, no wondering who the stray candy belongs to!) and the children told me that they love Easter Ziplock Baggies because they get so much more candy inside. Joshua asked me if I had a good coupon, because his good friend Bubbles mentioned that he had the exact same candy at his house! Bubbles’ mom is a friend of mine and fellow couponer, and the kids have often mentioned that no matter which house they eat at it’s the exact same food!

Aside from the obscene amount of chocolate still in our teeny tiny house, all is good in my world!

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