Monday, June 20, 2011


We were able to make it to the dock last night, but the fireworks were disappointing. It’s true that you could see them, but only through trees. I’m glad that we weren’t the only people there because I was terrified that at any moment a gator was going to come thrashing out of the water and eat me. I’m lucky to be alive!

Today is truly our last day here. I’m feeling somber at the thought of leaving. I’m not sure why; there is always something amazing around the corner, and I KNOW that, but it doesn’t make the transition easier. When we leave here we know that we are not coming back until at least fall, if ever, so it’s not just saying “see you soon” but rather closing a chapter in our lives.

Today I will rejoice in what I have. I am going to take the kids on our final three mile hike around the preserve and marvel at how empty it is compared to this winter when there were times we couldn’t even get a site! Then we will hunt for Easter eggs that the staff are hiding and enjoy the last hours at our beloved Thousand Trails Orlando Preserve!

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