Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot. Hot. Hot. Not even May yet and we are melting. I guess that explains why the campground is so empty. I’m still loving it though. I go for my walk and it feels like my face is melting right off my head, and strangely enough, I’m still appreciative.

I met a really nice woman today who gave me water and offered me a seat while we chatted. Interesting conversation about religion, the details of which I would rather not share, but the result is that I feel like we are earnestly discussing what we will be having for lunch next week in Aruba when we haven’t even discussed taking a trip together. Bad example?

I feel pretty strongly in my belief, as do most people I suppose. The difference is that I feel it’s important to respect what other people believe, that’s why I’m often reluctant to discuss religion because I feel like if I am honest, I will poke holes in the belief of another. However, I often feel as though the other party might not rest until I agree to agree to whatever they are selling.

I often feel as thought my choices are limited to admitting that the other party is right and I am wrong, or introducing ideas that might cause them to question their own faith. Neither option sits well with me, so I try to avoid the topic as much as possible.

I guess what I wish is for it to be less important for everyone to agree. Agreeing is nice, but so is diversity. We can all be different with our own thoughts and ideas and unique human expressions and it’s all okay.

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