Saturday, November 19, 2011


We are heading back out today. We had planned on leaving weeks ago, and we still aren't completely ready, but we are leaving today regardless.

We took our kitty in to be micro chipped yesterday. It feels very strange to be inserting a tracking device into something living, but we lost him for a week and it was very traumatic. I think it should have a GPS as well. We are pretty sure out kitty was stuck somehow out in the woods when he was missing, and the chip won't help with that scenario.

We are going to be unplugged for the next week as we travel south. Our route is still undermined as we try to see as many friends as possible on our journey. I'm so grateful to have the new phones to keep us connected. Not so grateful for the bill though.

More later! I hope to be able to report that we made it out of Maine today!

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