Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 The Second

Noah and Katherine has been briefly to Tom Sawyer Island when they were left with Rachel and Co, but they didn’t get to explore it all because they LOST Rachel’s mother in law and didn’t notice until they were ON THE ISLAND!!! So of course they had to leave in search of her, so over to the island we went. Believe it or not, the boat that was supposed to take us back to the main land at Magic Kingdom ran out of gas, so we had to wait for that boat to be towed and another to take it’s place.

By this point everyone was feeling pretty wiped, so we thought a ride on It’s a Small World would be a good idea, but the line was so long that we gave up on it and went over to Peter Pan’s Adventure; a really great ride but far to short!

Next it was a gift shop for Katherine to use up her $10 gift card that she was given in thanksgiving for the time that our entire family was sick and she took care of everything and everyone.

I’m not sure yet what she choose because I left Gary with she and Matthew and I came back to the camper with Joshua, Noah, and Molly to wait. Riding the tram back to the parking lot we met a neat family that had three small boys; a set of twins and then a surprise baby 17 months later. Yikes! They were really sweet with their kids, and she was really peaceful about being the mother to small ones. It’s nice to see people being kind to their children.

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