Monday, January 3, 2011

The Eclipse

We were invited to have dinner with our friends, and near (what we thought was) the end of the evening the baby needed a diaper change so I opted to walk home with him for a change. On the way back, we asked our favorite security guard for a ride back up to our friends house and he asked if we would be staying up for the eclipse. I said hell no, but once I mentioned it to Rainy, she put on a pot off coffee, filled a bowl with popcorn and proceeded to force us to stay awake! 

We thought staying up until 3am was something that would happen about as often as a lunar eclipse. We were wrong about that as well. LOL

Alan doing dishes. I love you, Alan!

This is my favorite picture. I call it "boink!" because as it was taken, Josiah walked into the awning. It was so dark out that I couldn't really see what I was taking pictures of. 

this is crazy this is crazy this is crazy

The kids all wrote an essay about their lunar eclipse experience, so we can refer to this insanity as "an educational field trip."

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  1. At least you got to SEE it! I stayed up and saw nothing but CLOUDS! ;-)