Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 15th

We had the most amazing experience yesterday!

The three older kids were on a ride, and while waiting with the younger three I struck up a conversation with a cast member (Disney employee). He was an international exchange student from Brazil spending his summer vacation working for Disney. He asked where we live, and of course we didn’t have an easy answer! When we explained that we live on the road, he got excited and said, “Oh my gosh, you are the second family I’ve met who are living on the road!” He told me that it was in this very same spot that he met the grandmother and the little boy, and as he told me how intelligent the little boy was, and how they had an older girl as well, I knew exactly who he was talking about. I told him that I was excited to go home and email the family to let them know about my interesting encounter.

About twenty minutes later I look over and see the back of someone’s head and I think to myself, “Hmm, I wonder if that’s them. Wouldn’t that be amazing it if was!” Just then, my new Brazilian friend came running over to me and told me excitedly, “They are RIGHT HERE!!! That family, they are HERE!” I went over and sure enough, it was Patti from Focht Family on the Road!

The Focht Family was the very first family that I found who was actually living on the road full time. They were our original inspiration, and I’m still in shock and awe that we ran into them!

Then they told us that they were headed next to Lazy Days, one of our most favorite campgrounds. We thought sure this was a sign from above that we were meant to be there because our very good friends we headed there and had asked us to join them.

Katherine and Samantha really hit it off, as did Matthew and Little Josh. Nathan and Bonnie were even nicer than I imagined them to be!

As we were walking we came upon a Disney Camp Rock street party. Katherine and Molly went up when they called upon the crowd to join them. There was a film crew there taking footage for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition and both girls were caught on tape as we were asked to sign a release. If they make the cut, look for them in about 6 weeks on the episode featuring the Dickenson Family from South Carolina (I think).


  1. How fun! It sounds like you are all still enjoying life on the road. ;-)

  2. Hello Gallivant Family,
    This is Gustavo from Brazil, the International Cast Member!
    I was so excited when I start to read this post, because was me!
    I thought that I had lost the paper with the address of your and Focht's family blog, I just found!!
    That day was really Magic for me, my best Disney day ever!
    I told about that day for all my friends and family!
    Thanks a lot for make that day the most magical day in my life!
    I hope to see you guys soon!
    Have a Magical Day,