Saturday, January 22, 2011

Savanna, GA November 16th, 2010

I just found this journal entry and it looks like I forgot to post it. Ooops. Not having constant internet access is annoying at best.

We spent the night in a Walmart parking lot in Savannah. We met some very interesting people there. One woman came with her adult son to feed the stray cats that lived there. They suggested we take the bus to down town Savannah but Gary convinced me that it made more sense to have our home with us, so we called the chamber of commerce and found out where we could park.

Savannah is a really neat city. There are squares all over, that are really just parks with beautiful moss covered trees, and at least one with a fountain. It’s cool to be right in the heart of the city and have it feel so calm and peaceful.

The kids were all given “Savannah roses” by street vendors. They are made out of palms and really do look just like roses. Supposedly they are related somehow to the Civil War, but I haven’t had the opportunity to look that up.

We walked down to the river and some members of my family were temped to buy grasshoppers and mealy worms to snack on. Truthfully I was more grossed out by the fact that they contained MSG then the actual eating of bugs! That, and the fact that they wanted $6 a box were a huge turn off!

Lady and Sons Restaurant was not at all what I expected but we didn’t eat there, just peeked in. I was just happy to see things in person, and felt so proud of us for actually getting into the city.

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  1. I googled Savannah Rose to see if I could find the story. The first thing that came up was an escort service. :p