Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

We have left our beloved Thousand Trails and have arrived in the Tampa area to stay in the back yard of some new friends. Tonight we joined them at the BMX track to watch their boys race. It was really fascinating to me as I’ve never seen anything like that in real life before. I imagine that it’s exhausting to ride a bicycle up and down all those hills and around all those turns!

Our friend’s son won the race!

I picked up a real feeling of community from the group. It made me miss that a little bit, but then I really had a sense of being able to sample the best of everything on the road; we can be here, partake of the friendship and community, enjoy everything they have to offer, but we don’t need to be tied to this or any one place. We can be a part of something no matter where we are as long as we are open to the opportunities.

Tomorrow we are doing a deep clean to rid ourselves of any lingering “cooties”. We’ve been wanting to rent a steam cleaner to do the rugs, so it seems like a good time to run it over anything porous.

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