Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

We are still here in the Tampa area with our friends Christy and Jason, and the weather has been beautiful. Christy and Jason have been so incredibly generous with us, it just blows me over. We are so grateful to count them among our friends. 

Today was Valentine’s Day so each kid got a little plastic cup filled with candy.

 It was the smallest Valentine’s Day treat we’ve ever had, but this year I wasn’t trying to fight the winter blahs. February usually finds us going stir crazy, but this year we are fully occupied all day, outside. The kids are running and biking and tree climbing and rope swinging. Our friends have four children, and our six just adore them all. I have often found that when there is a group of kids there are a couple that just don’t get along, it’s only natural with so many different personalities. But this group of ten all seem to adore each other and I have yet to hear a disagreement between them. 

Today was also Christopher’s first birthday.

I didn't have anything planned, and I hadn’t really been to any stores in awhile, so while making a grocery run today I picked him up a ball, and I would have completely neglected to do that if Christy hadn’t reminded me by purchasing a gift for him herself. Ooops. Sixth child syndrome! In contrast, we had a party with over 100 people for Joshua’s first birthday.

Christy kept everyone entertained with Valentine’s Day crafts and party decorating. You can see why no one wants to ever leave here!


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