Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 (2am)

It’s fruitless.

I decided that I was going to be proactive and get all ready for my day tomorrow. My plan was to wake up at the buttcrackofdawn and have coffee brewing, breakfast baked, lunches packed, even dinner ready to go. We could leave here early and enjoy our day. I’m just now climbing into bed, at 2 am. I had no idea it was so late. My jumpstart on Wednesday just went out the window because there is no way I’m getting up with the sun! Gah!

Update: I woke up at the buttcrackofdawn to Molly telling me that she had eaten all the cake and there was cake everywhere in her bed. She was telling the truth. Double Gah!


  1. So I'm trying not to laugh at the picture you painted above. Although, I'm loving Molly's idea of breakfast. ;-) I hope you are all feeling well soon. I just gave you a blog award.

  2. Hi there, my son told me he met you in the store. I can't remember which site he said you are on though. If you are still here, email me at showustheworld @ and let me know what site so I can scoot over and meet you!

  3. The reality of your humor is refreshing! I am now following your blog!