Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today was another wonderful day. The day started with one of Gary’s friends stopping by to say hello, followed by my super special friend Jen and her super special kids. We caught up and hung out together all afternoon, and even took a ride to the local farmers market. It feels like summer has been in full swing for some time as we have been in the south so it seemed strange that the farmers market didn’t have much available.

While we were at the farmers market I ran into another friend and chatted for a few minutes. Then we came back to our premium campsite and we all hooped together for awhile. It was a blast!

Then Jen and crew headed home and our other super special friends Gannet and Ron came over with their super special daughter and they brought us pizza! We had a great time catching up and hung out together all night! The girls decided to have an overnight so they folded the table into a bed. That’s the first time we have converted it. I love that we have enough space to have guests.

Today was really great, but omgosh so overwhelming. In a good way, of course, but goodness I’m tired!

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