Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011 Part two

We don’t plan to stay in the house but another 2 weeks while we finish up the slight remodel. We replaced the floor in the kitchen, added cabinets and new counter tops, added a dishwasher, removed a kitchen from a bedroom, removed buckets of wallpaper, painted, painted, also did some painting, and enough landscaping to fill 3 trucks loads, if I recall correctly, with yard waste. Phew. The goal is to have renters in within the next 4 weeks.

We have another house under contract, but it’s a short sale and best case scenario it doesn’t close until sometime in November. That house needs a lot of work inside, but comes with an extra large 2 car garage that we could use for personal storage, and might even be able to add a pad with all the amenities to hook up our camper there for times that we come back to stay. It’s located on a corner lot, so we could make it so that the tenets don’t even know that the property is related.

We also have an offer in on a foreclosure that will close within 30 days, and that house doesn’t need much work at all. However there were 4 offers including ours, and we still haven’t heard back. The listing broker was pretty sure that they had accepted our offer, but didn’t want to offer false hope. I’m feeling very peaceful about the situation either way.

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