Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

We all had another amazing time back at Thousand Trails where we met up with some old friends and made some new friends too. One of the things that I just LOVE about being on the road is the connections that we make. Everyone on the road understands how temporary everything is, so it has not been unusual for us to meet a family and spend the entire day together, or even several days in a row. When we were at home it would have been strange to meet someone and immediately spend large chunks of time together, without first planning it out. It feels like things are much more “in the moment”.

We were invited back to the “Ham House” so that’s where we went when we left TT. We first stopped for gas and some groceries, which seems to be an all day process for us. We then took Margie’s advice and locked the kids in the camper with a movie, some McDonalds food, and lots of begging on our part and went to have a date night. Only we totally suck at such things and ended up inside McDonalds ourselves because the place we had intended to eat at cost $12 per person not including drinks and that was way more than either of us wanted to spend. Are we pathetic or what? Truthfully we just wanted a few minutes of quiet so we could chat.

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