Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today we had to leave our campground as our membership requires us to be out of the system for 7 days between reservations. As we were preparing to leave we saw that another full time family that we adore was just pulling in. They weren’t planning on returning to this park so it was a really nice surprise to see them. We visited for a bit, and invited them over so we could introduce them to some other friends that we thought they might like, and that’s when the chaos started.

Our children were excited to see their friends that just arrived, and miserable to be leaving the friends that they had been stuck to like glue for the two weeks prior, so it was kind of a hard time for everyone, then we lost the two little girls, causing the adults and other children to run frantically around the park; it was just miserable. We had the hardest time getting all our children into the camper so we could leave. It was the most chaotic experience I think I have ever had. As we pulled away it was evident that we absolutely needed to leave the campground, as hard as it was to say “see you soon” to our friends and as much as we wanted to stay, it was time to refocus ourselves as a family and find our center again.

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