Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday March 27, 2011

We have been joking for some time that the Ham Family is planning to eat us. We know that having us around has to be a lot of work, and yet they keep offering their home to us over and over, so the only logical explanation is that they are going to fatten us up and then eat us. The second night of the church camping trip we were informed that we had to attend a mandatory meeting and someone said something about a community campfire. I said, “The HELL we are going to that meeting! Clearly they have decided that we are too much meat for just their family and they are going to be sharing them with their friends!”

Thankfully we did not get eaten at the meeting, but they very suspiciously called all the new families up to give them a gift bag, and our family was all introduced individually by names. You could almost hear people licking their lips at the sight of my delicious brood!

The third night of the church camping trip they had a chili cook-off. There were about 30 crockpots filled with chili up for judging. Mrs. Ham told us it was how they use up the leftovers from the previous year’s new families. LOL

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