Saturday, April 9, 2011

March 26, 2011

We spent the first part of the week with at Ham Family home. The invited us to go with them on a church camping trip for the weekend. I spent the first night on my death bed with mastitis and a migraine. Ugh. It was bad. I literally parked the RV and climbed into my bed. I didn’t even level it and I’m told that when Gary started to level it I cried like I was dying with the movement.

The next day I felt much better and after a shower I was able to join in on the fun. These people have all known each other forever and the entire campground was occupied by their church group, so it offered a nice opportunity to just let the kids wander knowing that there were mothers on every corner who were willing to watch out for each others kids.

The talent show had been cancelled due to overwhelmed adults, so the kids themselves joined together and put on a show. I was really impressed by not only how confident these kids were, but also that the parents were all willing to come out and cheer for them.

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