Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, March 28 2011

The kids all had such an amazing time on the Ham Family church camping trip. No one wanted to leave, and even Joshua was off socializing all weekend. One of the elder men took a huge group of kids on a hike and they came back with bags full of tangerines, which they then marketed and sold to the rest of us.

Noah had an verbal altercation with another boy. When it was over, the boy came to our door and asked to speak to Gary. He then apologized for his behavior, explained that he was having a hard time and took his frustration out on Noah. When Gary asked what part Noah had in the disagreement the boy didn’t want to say for fear of diminishing his apology and being disrespectful to Noah. Wow. I had to seek out his father to tell him how impressed we were!

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