Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday March 31, 2011

Joshua has been spending so much time with his friends that we haven’t seen much of him at all, he isn’t even coming home to eat! He has literally been leaving the house at 8 AM and not returning home until 1AM. I told him that it was starting to hurt my feelings, only half joking because I would like to spend some time with his friends to get to know them.

Tonight I arrived home to a house full of teens. There was an empty box of crackers, and empty box of cookies, and empty bag of bread, an empty jar of peanut butter, an empty bottle of ketchup, and an assortment of empty drink bottles. Some of the boys were playing Legos and others were jamming on the guitar. It was great. Then the rain stopped, one of them grabbed my camera to take a picture of the sky, and before I knew it they were all gone again.

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