Monday, April 25, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We just got back “home” to the Walmart parking lot after a full day with Rachel and Co. We tried to meet up with them at The Magic Kingdom this morning, but we were about 20 minutes behind them getting there which caused us a three hour delay. It was insane. We kept saying that if it wasn’t for meeting up with our friends we would never be standing in line waiting. We waited for three trams to get from the motor home to the ticket center, then about an hour to get on the ferry…it was just madness. When we finally caught up with our friends, we were SO READY to go. We rode the Big Thunder Railroad and left, but not before trading out a few children. Matthew, Katherine, and Noah stayed with Rachel and I took her oldest and her friend.

We invited ourselves for dinner at their house, so I went back there to wait for them and do laundry.
Another friend of mine and Rachel’s came over with her family for dinner, so it was a full house! Between just our family and Rachel’s there are 20 people. The children all get along so well, it really doesn’t seem like there are that many of us. It was so hard to tear ourselves away from them tonight that we decided we’ll have to go back to their place tomorrow for dinner again!

I was thinking about how incredibly in love with my life that I am. I am always saying “that was amazing!” to the point that the statement is completely overused, but it never stops being true. I am having one amazing experience after another. Life is great!

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